Driving Directions San Jose Airport to Alta Vista Condos, Sámara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. (Approximately 5 hours)
  1. Go West from the airport, following signs to Puntarenas
  2. 1a. ALTERNATE: For the New Highway Toll Road (possible to save 2 hours). Enter the new highway to Caldera on the west end of San Jose at Ciudad Colon. The toll road ends at Caldera (Pacific Port). Follow the road same road - no turns - until the underpass for the interamericana highway (just outside Punteranas) and turn onto the interamericana highway (heading northwest) towards Guanacaste/Liberia/Tempisque bridge).
  3. Stay on the highway and go past Puntarenas, following signs to 'Puente de Amistad' (The bridge that crosses the River Tempisque to the Nicoya Peninsula.
  4. Turn left at the sign for the Puente de Amistad or Puente de Rio Tempisque. There is a gas station on the left side where you turn left.
  5. Stay on the highway, cross the Tempisque River, until the road ends in a T.
  6. Go right, following the signs for Nicoya.
  7. A short distance ahead make the turnoff left to Nicoya.
  8. Go straight through Nicoya, driving south, following signs for Sámara.
  9. After Nicoya, Sámara is approximately 50minutes on the same rolling country road.
  10. Once you arrive in Sámara, turn right at the red and white sign that says "Centro Medico".
  11. Cross a small bridge and make your next left on the paved road that leads to the beach.
  12. 200 yards on your right side is ìAlta Vista Condominiumî.
  13. There is an intercommunicator outside by the entrance door. Press the button for 'Cuarto Servicio' Service Room, and someone will be out to check you in.
Driving Directions: Nosara to Alta Vista Playa Sámara
  1. There is a main road that bears south through Nosara toward Sámara. There are no road names, but the route is very well marked with signs that have town names, directions and kilometers.
  2. Pay attention to road signs for Sámara and Keep track of your kilometers. This will help you get to Sámara much easier.
  3. About 10 kilometers out of Nosara you'll have an option where the road splits - there is a Y with a bar on your right side. The main road goes to the left and the sign says "Nicoya". This is safe way to go. If you go on the smaller road to the right you will also go to Sámara, perhaps faster, but there is a river crossing that you may not be comfortable with. I'll give you directions to Alta Vista as if you were to stay to the left at the Y and follow the dirt road to 'Nicoya'.
  4. That dirt road will eventually end at the top of a hill where it meets pavement. This is your cue to turn RIGHT to go to Sámara. If you turn left you'll drive 40 minutes to Nicoya. You want to turn RIGHT, driving you will reach Sámara in just 10 minutes.
  5. On your right side is the red and white sign "Centro Medico", turn right there.
  6. Pass the bank and hardware store, continue. Drive over a small bridge and keep driving. There will be a large field on your left. At the end of that field the road makes a T. Turn LEFT towards the beach.
  7. 150 yards on the right is Alta Vista!
From Arenal to Alta Vista:
  1. Take the highway west to Tilaran
  2. Continue west to the city of Canas, where you'll meet up with the interamerican highway. go left, heading south
  3. Look for signs for Nicoya. make a right - well marked at a T intersection - onto the highway that will take you across the "Puente de Amistad" the taiwanese bridge and go all the way to the city of Nicoya
  4. As you approach Nicoya there will be signs and a flashing light where you turn left to go into the town center of Nicoya. Take that left.
  5. That road goes south through nicoya and stay on it - once you're out of nicoya it turns into a winding country road that takes you all the way to Sámara.
  6. In Sámara, turn right after the "Centro Medico". Go past the bank on your left. Cross a small bridge. there will be a large open field on your left, at the end of that field the road makes a T.
  7. Go left towards the beach. 200 yards on your right will be my building - with sign alta vista condos. You're there!
  8. Allow 4-5 hours, possibly more from Arenal to Sámara.
Liberia (airport or city of Liberia) to Alta Vista
  1. Turn Right out of airport - head south to Nicoya - approximately 1.5 hours
  2. Turn right off the highway at the signs for Nicoya. drive directly through Nicoya, heading south, continue on that road as it turns into a country road - 50 minutes - and you arrive in Sámara.
  3. Turn right at the "Centro Medico". cross a small bridge. on your left will be a large open field. the road will come to a T. go left toward the beach. my bldg is 200 yards on the right.